Last 5 December I took part to a new edition of the Zankyou Wedding Club, organized in collaboration with Virginia Straneo of Love in Portofino. The theme, much close to me, was the “off-season wedding”, more precisely the Winter wedding.
I can’t keep myself from expressing my astonishment when, waiting for me and the other guests, I found a couple of young and stylish spouses: the bride, Beatrice Vazzoler, magnificent rocking a dress from the Antonio Riva atelier with its distinctive bow, sealing refined volumes and timeless elegance; the groom, Nicolò Cendach, simply perfect in a total look signed from Carlo Pignatelli.
The Bridal Look, curated by Beyouty Lookmaker, hairstyle by Vanni Coiffeur and jewelry by Dodo Mariani, magically completed a dream-like atmosphere for these winter wedding, host of our round table as an interesting and valuable phenomenon to discover. Next to the newlyweds, the bridesmaids Marta Palombo and Pegah Nerizi, respectively daughter and friend of Virginia, radiant in dresses designed by Carlo Pignatelli with sugar jewelry made by Red Carpet Cake Design. There was also Elisa Guidarelli, first italian Wedding Dog Sitter accompanied by her Nico, a sweet black poodle. The floreal preparations were realized by the dear Elisabetta Cardani and Alessandra Ferretti’s “Il Petalo”.

After taking a seat in the halls of Villa Durazzo, the day was introduced by the Mayor Dr. Donadoni on behalf of the Santa Margherita Ligure town; then followed by a speech by Dr. Enzo Sorvino, sole administrator of Progetto Santa srl, and a final speech by Rita Rabassi, director of White Sposa, media partner of this Wedding Club together with Il Secolo XIX, taking on the theme of winter weddings.

What emerged is that in most cases, couples prefer summer for the wedding: however, in this case, it is necessary to organize a plan A and a plan B (in case of bad weather) for the reception party and also for the ceremony. Winter wedding instead is solved by organizing everything inside, in breathtaking and evocative locations in which lightened up chimneys, the scent of pines and a rain of candles warm up the ambience conveying something magical.
Last year I organized a Winter Wedding in the splendid setting of Villa del Grumello, recreating an enchanted woods feeling and the photoset, shot in Como during the Città dei Balocchi event, still keeps reminding me sweet memories today.

Throughout the round table, negatives also emerged: not all the locations or various hotels are open and available, especially because we are in the winter season and some suspend activities due to vacation, poor daylight and coldness.

Morning focus has then shifted on presenting looks and tendencies of Bridal Wedding: Francesca Ragone, heart and mind of Lookmaker, explained that the bride who decides to get married at the end of the year is far more demanding as she’s already aware of the 2018 trend; Melania Fumiko, fashion designer, told us the weight details have as in the use of vestments and cloaks that enhance the elegance of the chosen dress.


Regarding the menu’s choice, the winter wedding allows to range in a vast culinary world: mulled wine, hot chocolate, polenta and much more… Davide Francesca and Marco Democratico of Red Carpet Design talked about how the winter weddings has much to be discovered… It was them who designed the Body Caking, a delicious jewel to taste with a guaranteed WOW effect. For the two master pastry chefs of their truly “idea atelier”, the sweet moment of any reception party is essential, and the boiling temperatures could compromise the result, something that doesn’t happen during the colder months. “Like the bride’s makeup, the cake could melt as well”.

A special day, with copious food for thought which, I’m sure, we’ll talk about again in the next Wedding Clubs!

Villa Del Balbianello per un matrimonio di lusso
Villa Del Balbianello per un matrimonio di lusso
Villa Del Balbianello per un matrimonio di lusso