Lake Como offers spectacular and breathtaking sceneries, especially appreciable by boat. After a long journey, before your wedding destination, you may rent a boat and visit the main wonders of the lake.

One of the most popular destinations to visit is the only island of the lake, Comacina Island, a unique charming experience any day of the year in a historical setting, on the bank of Spurano, among fishermen’s houses that have preserved their lively colours, where the Romanesque Church of San Giacomo with its bell tower and Santa Maria Maddalena stand out. It’s a place full of history, artistic tradition, memories, architectures and testimonies that defy time. Walking along the paths of Comacina you can admire the artistic beauty of the villages on the opposite banks, such as the holy Mount of Ossuccio, universal heritage of UNESCO.

Remarkable are the panoramic views and the vivacious colours of the vegetation, culminating in mountain peaks. The scenic stretch of land, with the coastal villages harmoniously linked together by thriving vegetation, creating beautiful views that reflect in the calm waters of the Lario. After a tour of the island, that takes about an hour, enjoy a cool drink at the bar “La Botte”, then, continue your walk to the Locand where you can enjoy a typical meal in a characteristic venue.

Every year on closest Saturday evening closest to June 24, there is a traditional Feast of San Giovanni with a solemn procession of boats and the traditional firework display on the lake to commemorate the destruction of the island in 1169 and the curse of the Bishop of Como. The island was gradually abandoned and no restaurateur dared to rebel against the medieval curse until the 50’s, when Lino Nessi- nicknamed “Cotoletta”- decided to defy fate and, despite the sudden death of his two partners, opened the Locanda of the Comacina Island. Trusting the advices of the English writer Francis Dale, who suggested a rite of exorcism against the curse of Vidulfo, ever since every meal ends with the ritual of fire and with the preparation of a mixture of brandy, sugar and coffee that is offered to all guests accompanied by the tolling of a bell. A tradition that the current landlord has maintained, a peculiar experience not to be missed that continues to fascinate the many tourists who visit the lake and its island.

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