Generally when we talk wedding locations, we refer to villas on a lake or by the sea or to luxury hotels. But not only… what about a very alternative but at the same time very fascinating location? Allow me to tell you the story of a special couple of newlyweds that chose Santa Caterina Valfurva, a jewel of the Alps, as their perfect wedding location up in the clouds. And it’s here, amongst the majestic and scenic mountains in the background, that Antonella and Dario pronuonced their vows in the snow. Such a dream!

The arrival of the bride was beyond any expectation and left relatives and friends, but most of all the groom, gobsmacked! No cars of course, nor carriages but a sleigh pulled by beautiful Husky dogs. Once the moving and deep ceremony was over, the newlyweds, both passionate about professional skiing and in local traditional wedding clothes, were honoured by their guests with the ‘ski greeting’ based on the more famous ‘sword greeting’.

After some pictures in the snow, the bride and the groom and their guests enjoyed a lovely welcome buffet and sipped excellent wines in an amazing location: an igloo, the typical ice shed. Dinner was served inside a lodge where all the guests were surrounded by wood and white, color of the roses and of the lisianthus flowers that recalled the pure snow white, without forgetting the shower of candles that warmed the hearts and made the party atmosphere so much more cozier. Traditional food that typical from the mountains, a lot of chatting and wine animated a beautiful day full of love, joy and beauty.

To thank their guests, Antonella and Dario offered delicious sugared almonds and a very special party favour, very much appreciated by relatives and friends: a custom made paraffin candle and a green bow.

What can we say? Indeed a very evocative wedding that is one of our favourites ever.