Recently, I went to the boutique of Antonio Riva in Milan center, and I was absolutely enraptured in front of the new 2018 bride collection.

Dearest soon to be brides, I’ve got only one word to describe it: WOW!

It is called Butterfly in the Sky and among volumes, ruches modulated with skillful prowess on bodices or well-defined and soft skirts, chiffon clouds, this collection carries us in a fairy world where every dress is an hymn to lightness. The magic of a butterfly’s wing flapping is evoked in the bows and volants, characterizing every exclusive creation.
Dresses, both contrived looking or weightless, are mostly white but there is no shortage even in a delicate rose tone, elegant and extremely sparking, to make you feel in the centre of attention. For a fancier model, don’t miss out the one with the rear neck sporting a refined azure ribbon. Because you know, something blue (and similar tones) is always needed!
Each bride dress designed by Antonio Riva is a work of art. Antonio’s texture of choice is mikado, a silk with polished shiny effects and thick solidity, perfect to define tailoring structures of sophisticated shapes, almost architectural.
Passionate, curious, inspired, constantly searching for the pure beauty, Antonio Riva conveys sobriety and elegance in his own stylistic mantra, making a unique class, authentic evolution from the traditional classicism.

But there is an additional surprise: Antonio doesn’t limit himself only to bride dresses… So here we have volumes which define his dresses declined on long and cocktail dresses, to make women feel unique, special, seductive, but always honed to the right occasion.
Your bridesmaids and guests will be able to find the dress most suited for them! Floreal printings, color blocks, typical textures of haute couture, gold threads converted in embossed damask effects: dreams made dresses!

What do you think? I’m still daydreaming…

Butterfly in the sky