I rarely talk about myself, but Monday 12 February I was sent to a conference speech at the “I Love Wedding” event, inside the BIT, Borsa Italiana del Turismo, and – necessarily so – I found myself telling about me and how my adventure in the destination wedding has begun. Yes, so, I worked as a wedding planner in one of the most beautiful and evocative places of the world: the Lake Como, even before George Clooney caught eye of it…  I was actually born in Cernobbio, a favorite for many celebrities.

My studio is located exactly in the center of the town, where Via Regina shrinks and then opens up on the entrance of Villa d’Este. The first wedding I organized. ça va sans dire, was mine, in 1995, and starting from 2000 I officially began my career as a wedding planner.


Back then, my customers were exclusively italians and the wedding planner figure was thought by the most as a luxury or movie thing. Then came a stranger who changed my life. It was 2004, end of July, and he was the CEO of a big multinational American corp. He told me he desired to get married in a villa in early September, but – as you can imagine – it was all already booked. August was approaching (and back then Italians were all closed in August) and I only had 1 month and 18 days to organize the wedding that would have changed my life (and my carrier).

Through a friend of mine I was allowed to utilize one of the most beautiful villas of the Lake, Villa Sòla Cabiati, which at the time wasn’t yet set up for wedding receptions. It was a really demanding month and I jumped through hoops, also for logistical issues that often arise in this amazing land, but at the end of the day the wedding was incredible and today I organize weddings throughout the entire Italy, especially for foreigners.
What do I remember most fondly? At the end of ceremony, the groom approached me, grabbed my hand, pressed it against his heart and told me “You will always be my friend”. And that was the epiphany that made me realize it really was my path.