It is so beautiful,

that it has gained a place on the

FAI- Italian Environment Trust – heritage list.

Begun in the XVIIIth century, its rooms are full of history. Many exponents of the Italian Renaissance have strolled its gardens and many world-famous movies have been filmed here, from Casino Royale – starring Daniel Craig – to Star Wars, where the Loggia was the setting to Princess Padmé and young Anakin’s kiss. Heart of the village of Lenno, Villa del Balbianello is situated at the tip of the Dosso di Lavedo, a wooded cape forming a picturesque peninsula that degrades into the lake.

The perfect setting for a glamorous Hollywood-style wedding with a touch of all- Italian elegance, the Villa’s rooms present English and French furnishings from the 600s and 700s, Flemish tapestries, Chinese terracottas, African and Pre-Colombian sculptures and glass paintings. The lakeside terrace is a precious setting for receptions, the rooms and parlors are perfect for wedding banquets, company conferences, debuts, ceremonies, movie and commercial filmings.