Villa del Grumello

The Villa is directly facing

the southern basin of lake Como, not far from the town center.

Formerly known as the Castellazzo, in the XV century the villa was a simple, 2 story building surrounded by a vineyard, lawns, fruit orchards with walnut and chestnut trees, lush vegetation. In time, Villa del Grumello became residence to noble families: the Odescalchi, the Giovio then – in the 18th century – the Celesia. The Giovios hosted many Italian scholars and academics of their times – Vincenzo Monti, Alessandro Volta and Ugo Foscolo, whose stone bust stands in the gardens to the day. Today Villa del Grumello features a centuries-old park,

core of the ‘Chilometro della Conoscenza’, a lovely trail through lush gardens of the area. Panoramic viewpoints stand among typical vegetation, with some of Italy’s most appreciated patches of asters, hydrangeas, anemones. Especially valued are the camphor trees, sequoias and a centuries-old Gingko biloba. Thanks to finely decorated interiors, lush vegetation and romantic greenhouses, Villa del Grumello today is the ideal location for any event, from company meetings to elegant weddings.